Adolescence is a transitional time in your child's development. It may bring up many new questions for you and your teen and we are here to help. One of those topics may include dating sex and other things to do with their reproductive health. 

Depending on age and appropriateness, we may discuss a few of these topics with your teen alone, meaning the pediatrician may ask you to leave the room. This is because some topics are typically confidential to the patient. Those topics may include reproductive rights, sexually transmitted infections, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and substance abuse. Although difficult and hard to discuss at times the overall goal is always to make sure your teen is healthy and safe. 

We believe education is one necessary key for your teen to make their own healthy decisions for themselves and this education needs to be available to them long before they are ever ready to start a family. 

If you or your teen are having some questions/concerns about their reproductive health and you need guidance, schedule a wellness visit or consultation appointment today.

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