Shayla Casanova, Board Certified Nurse Practitioner in Lake Elsinore

Meet Shayla Casanova

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Shayla brings her expertise to Lake Elsinore Pediatrics since June 2023. With 7 years of nursing experience, including teaching BSN students and diverse healthcare roles, Shayla enriches our care with her knowledge and bilingual proficiency.

During one of her final rotations, Shayla seamlessly integrated into our team, instantly becoming a perfect complement to our team. Recognizing her exceptional qualities, the whole staff knew she needed to be the next provider for our patients.

Beyond her professional skills, Shayla's passion for Harry Potter and baking adds a delightful touch of warmth and creativity to our practice, making her a beloved member of the Lake Elsinore Pediatrics team.

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