Adolescence is a transitional time in your child's development. It may bring up many new questions for you and your teen and we are here to help.
Besides the routine wellness check up questions such as diet, medications, allergies, recent illness, school and home life, there's a lot more happening with your child that is sometimes difficult or embarrassing for them to talk about, and that's okay. One thing we hope for our children is that they grow up to be self-sufficient and independent young adults capable of making their own healthy decisions. A big part of that is having adult conversations, sometimes about emotions, life-changes, challenging situations, or other things. 

What can I expect to change from a young child's visit? 

The teen visit should be a place where trust, open communication, and careful guidance should exist. A big part of that might include a 1:1 conversation with your child without you present in the room. So be prepared when the doctor asks for you to step outside for a bit so that he can start to establish a safe and confidential patient-doctor relationship. If anything comes up that the pediatrician feels you should be aware of they will always discuss that with your child first so they feel included regarding their health management. 

What kind of topics might you discuss when I am not in the room? 

Depending on age and appropriateness, some topics may include dating, sex, substance abuse or bulllying. Some topics that are typically confidential to the patient include reproductive rights, sexually transmitted infections, sexual abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and substance abuse. Although difficult and hard to discuss at times the overall goal is always to make sure your teen is healthy and safe. 

At Lake Elsinore Pediatrics Dr. Jimmy Phan works to establish an open and trusting relationship between himself and your teen so that they can make those strides towards self-awareness and independence.

Do you or your teen have any health questions/concerns? Schedule a wellness visit or consultation today. 

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